LIFT Artisan Leather Fitness Equipment

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Price (shipping included): $500 - $1000

It's not everyday one looks at a medicine ball and thinks "you know, that is quite handsome."  Jim Ryno, though, has set out to change just that. 

Stitched by hand and stuffed with thread and bean husk, each ball takes 10 days to make and is geometrically a dodecahedron.  It's made by stitching together 12 pentagons and inside you will find that each one is named and numbered to verify it's authenticity.

Although these medicine balls have Physique Pictorial gym cred, some people find them to be beautiful objects undeserving of sweat.  Maybe even something to collect or treasure -- pop-culture time capsule like rotary phones or cassette tapes.  But make no mistake, these medicine balls, along with his heavy balls, squat bars and heavy bags are designed to be used.  Each handcrafted and numbered ball is custom made to be durable and meant to last a lifetime.


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